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🌽How Can Genetic Modification Shield from a Pest

🌽How Can Genetic Modification Shield from a Pest


The European corn borer (ECB) is a significant pest of corn in the US. It’s a small, black and white moth that lays its eggs on the leaves of corn vegetation. The larvae hatch and tunnel into the stalks, ears, and leaves of the plant, inflicting important injury.

European Corn Borer

Bt corn is a kind of genetically modified organism (GMO) that has been enhanced via biotechnology to guard towards insect pests. The safety comes from a naturally occurring microorganism referred to as Bacillus thuringiensis or “Bt.” The protein produced by Bt corn selectively targets caterpillar larvae, like the type that infect corn.

Graph of Grain Yields

Supply: Agronomy Wis Edu

1. What’s the unbiased variable within the experiment?

2. What’s the dependent variable within the experiment?

3. What could be used because the management the experiment?

4. What CLAIM are you able to make from the information?

5. Summarize the EVIDENCE from the chart that helps your declare.

6. Write a REASONING assertion that connects the declare and proof. Embody the biology background data (see opening paragraph) for WHY the graph exhibits these outcomes.

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