Home Language Learning 120+ Helpful Spanish Phrases That Begin with U (with Audio)

120+ Helpful Spanish Phrases That Begin with U (with Audio)

120+ Helpful Spanish Phrases That Begin with U (with Audio)


In English, the letter U has a lot of readings, however in Spanish there’s only one: “oo” like in “moon.”

Generally, you may skip announcing the letter, in phrases like queso (cheese) and guitarra (guitar). It may additionally seem in diphthongs, such is in phrases like bueno (good).

However when the letter seems at the start of a phrase, you don’t have to guess about the way to pronounce it—it’s simply “oo.”

In comparison with different consonants and vowels in Spanish, the letter U is much less widespread at the start of phrases. That simply means that you’ve got fewer phrases to be taught right here!

Preserve studying to find over 120 phrases in Spanish that start with U.


Spanish Nouns That Begin with U

Spanish Phrase (with Audio) English Phrase
Ubicación Location, Place
Ubicuidad Ubiquity, Omnipresence
Ufología Ufology
Ufólogo Ufologist
Ufomanía UFO mania
Ufotografía UFO pictures
Úlcera Ulcer
Último Final, Newest
Ultraje Outrage, Affront
Ultrasonido Ultrasound
Ultrasonografía Ultrasonography
Umbráculo Shade, Shelter
Umbral Threshold
Uña Fingernail, Claw
Unanimidad Unanimity
Uñero Ingrown toenail
Uñeta Plectrum, Guitar choose
Unicameralidad Unicameralism
Uniciclo Unicycle
Unicidad Uniqueness
Unicorno Unicorn
Unidad Unit
Uniforme Uniform
Unigénito Solely begotten
Unilateralidad Unilateralism
Unión Union
Universidad College
Urraca Magpie
Urbanidad Urbanity, Politeness
Urbanización Urbanization
Urbano City, Urbane
Urbe Metropolis
Urdidor Warper (in weaving)
Urdimbre Warp (in weaving)
Urdir To warp (in weaving)
Urea Urea
Uretra Urethra
Uretroscopia Urethroscopy
Urgencia Emergency, Urgency
Urinario Urinary
Urinoterapia Urine remedy
Urnas Poll containers
Urogallo Capercaillie (hen)
Uroginecólogo Urogynecologist
Urología Urology
Urólogo Urologist
Urticaria Urticaria, Hives
Urtiga Nettle
Usabilidad Usability
Usanza Customized
Uso Use
Usuario Consumer
Usurpación Usurpation, Seizure
Utensilio Utensil
Utensilios Utensils
Útero Uterus
Útil Helpful
Utilidad Utility, Usefulness
Utilización Utilization
Utopía Utopia
Utopismo Utopianism
Utopista Utopianist
Uva Grape

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Spanish Verbs That Begin with U

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Spanish Adjectives That Begin with U

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Spanish Adverbs That Begin with U

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Extra Spanish Phrases That Begin with U

Spanish Phrase (w audio) English Phrase A part of Speech
Un One, a, an Article
Una A, an, one Article
Usted You (formal) Pronoun
Ustedes You all (formal) Pronoun

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Spanish U-Phrases Quiz: Check Your self!

What’s the Spanish phrase for “use”?

How do you say “distinctive” in Spanish?

Select the proper Spanish phrase for “one (masculine)”:

How do you say “city” in Spanish?

What does “urgente” imply in English?

Which phrase means “to unite” in Spanish?

What’s the Spanish time period for “college”?

What does “urgir” imply in English?

Which phrase is the Spanish translation for “distinctive”?

What does “uva” imply in Spanish?

Spanish U Phrases

Grasp of Spanish U Phrases. Good job!


You’re all prepared for the letter U. Examine these Spanish phrases that begin with U to construct your vocabulary with extremely helpful vocabulary!



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