Home Biology A Clammy Downside – Invasive Mollusks in Michigan

A Clammy Downside – Invasive Mollusks in Michigan

A Clammy Downside – Invasive Mollusks in Michigan


Supply: https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0271402

Discover on the graph, the blue part represents clams which are useless. Yellow bars are clams that have been alive. The X axis signifies the month. (The scholar model is black and grey for printing.)

College students might want to perform a little math to reply the questions. For instance, one query asks what number of complete clams have been recovered in April. The following asks what number of of these clams have been alive and what number of have been useless. The alive clams are straightforward, simply observe the yellow bar (about 21). Useless clams require some math. Researchers recovered 48 complete clams in April. 48 – 21 = 27.

It is a good train for a unit on ecosystems and invasive species. It may be used for scientific methodology and information evaluation. As college students progress by means of science, they are going to encounter many sorts of graphs.

Knowledge evaluation is a part of the NGSS Science and Engineer Practices.

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