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Anabranching Riverways – FYFD

Anabranching Riverways – FYFD


This false-color satellite image shows the Diamantina River, an anabranching river in Australia.

The Diamantina River in Australia is dry for a lot of the yr. However seasonal rains flood its riverbeds and provoke a bloom of vegetation alongside its banks. This false-color satellite tv for pc picture exhibits the river in April 2023; land seems pale and reddish, the river and its sediment blue, and vegetation a vibrant inexperienced. The Diamantina is an anabranching river; moderately than the standard meandering paths of a delta, anabranching rivers have semi-permanent paths hemmed in by vegetation-stabilized islands. Look carefully, although, and also you’ll nonetheless see smaller delta-like options often known as floodouts dotting among the islands. (Picture credit score: A. Nussbaum; through NASA Earth Observatory)

This close-up shows details like miniature deltas (floodouts) and wind-formed dunes.
This close-up exhibits particulars like miniature deltas (floodouts) and wind-formed dunes.



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