Home Language Learning Chevere! 340+ Spanish Phrases That Begin with “ch” (with Audio)

Chevere! 340+ Spanish Phrases That Begin with “ch” (with Audio)

Chevere! 340+ Spanish Phrases That Begin with “ch” (with Audio)


The “ch” sound is analogous in Spanish and English. Are you able to say the phrase “chocolate”? Then you definitely’re all good!

The sound got here to the Spanish language from Native American languages, notably Nahuatl, which is the language of the Aztecs.

When Spanish explorers and settlers encountered Nahuatl phrases like “chocolatl” (which means “bitter water” or “chocolate”), they adopted the “ch” sound into the Spanish language.

Learn on to take a look at greater than 340 phrases that start with “ch” in Spanish!


Spanish Nouns That Begin with Ch

For extra about Spanish nouns (and an enormous listing of important nouns for learners), head over to this publish:

Spanish Verbs That Begin with Ch

Some extra frequent verbs and Spanish verb info will be discovered on this publish:

Spanish Adjectives That Begin with Ch

Spanish Phrase English Translation
jade jade
jamaicano Jamaican
japonés Japanese
jaranero festive, fun-loving
jarocho from Veracruz, Mexico
jaspeado speckled, noticed
jocoso humorous
jorobado hunchbacked
joven younger
jovial jovial
jubilado retired
jubiloso jubilant, joyful
judicativo judicial
judio Jewish
jugoso juicy
juguetón playful
jumillano from Jumilla, Spain
juncáceo pertaining to rushes
junco manufactured from rushes
junino pertaining to June
juntito shut collectively
juntos collectively
jurado sworn
jural referring to the legislation
juramentado sworn, having taken an oath
jurásico Jurassic
jurídico authorized, juridical
jurisdiccional jurisdictional
jurisperito knowledgeable in legislation
justiciable justiciable
justiciero righteous, simply, honest
justificable justifiable
justificado justified
justificante justifying, justificatory
justo simply, honest

Study extra about Spanish adjectives proper right here:

Spanish Adverbs That Begin with Ch

Spanish Phrase English Translation
Chabacano Vulgar
Chalaco Particular person from Callao, Peru
Chalaco/a From Callao
Chalado Mad, loopy
Chaleque Flirtatious
Chambón Clumsy
Charro Cowboy
Chato Snub-nosed, flat
Chévere Nice, improbable
Chibolo Younger, child
Chicharrero Chicharrón-related
Chichón Bump, swelling
Chico Small, boyish
Chido Cool, nice
Chiflado Loopy
Chilango From Mexico Metropolis
Chileno Chilean
Chiloso Spicy
Chinchudo Grumpy, grouchy
Chingón Expert
Chino Chinese language
Chiquis Small, little
Chiquitín Tiny
Chiquitito Very tiny
Chiquito Tiny
Chirle Irresponsible
Chirriante Squeaky
Chirrión Depressing
Chismoso Gossipy, chatty
Chispeante Glowing
Chistoso Humorous
Chito Small
Chocante Surprising
Chocarrero Crude, impolite
Chocarriento Shiny, glistening
Choricero Chorizo-related
Chucaracha Cockroach
Chúcaro Ugly, soiled
Chuchumeco Trifler
Chuchurrío Twisted, warped
Chula Charming, pretty
Chulito Cutesy
Chulo Cool, pimp
Chulón Engaging, good-looking
Chupacabras Goat sucker
Chupado Shriveled, skinny
Churro Greasy, oily
Chusco Humorous, amusing

Right here’s a publish all about Spanish adverbs:

Spanish Ch-Phrases Quiz: Check Your self!

What does “chico” imply in Spanish?

What’s the English translation of the Spanish phrase “chocolate”?

Which Spanish phrase means “sparkle” in English?

What’s the which means of the Spanish phrase “chillar” in English?

What’s the English translation of the Spanish phrase “chisme”?

Which Spanish phrase is a synonym for “joke” in English?

What does the Spanish phrase “chamarra” imply in English?

spanish phrases that begin with ch

Grasp of Spanish Ch phrases. Good job!


These Spanish phrases that begin with ch might be nice additions to your Spanish vocabulary!



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