Home Language Learning Excelente! 640+ Spanish Phrases That Begin with E (with Audio)

Excelente! 640+ Spanish Phrases That Begin with E (with Audio)

Excelente! 640+ Spanish Phrases That Begin with E (with Audio)


The letter E is the second most typical letter within the Spanish language, simply barely shedding out to the letter A.

Normally, the letter E is pronounced as a close-mid entrance un-rounded vowel, just like the “e” sound within the English phrase “wager.” Not like in English, which generally makes use of a silent E, each time you see the letter, it must be pronounced—even when it’s on the finish of a phrase!

You would possibly see an accent mark above the letter E generally. That is completed both to point phrase stress (equivalent to within the phrase teléfono, phone) or to distinguish between homophones. For example, él (he) is completely different from el (the), the place the accent on the previous distinguishes it from the latter.

As you possibly can think about, there are lots of phrases in Spanish that begin with E. Let’s dive proper in to over 640 of them!


Spanish Nouns That Begin with E

For extra important nouns, take a look at this publish:

Spanish Verbs That Begin with E

Spanish Phrase English Translation
ebullicionar to boil
echar to throw
echar de menos to overlook
echarse to throw oneself
eclipsar to eclipse
economizar to economize
ejecutar to hold out, to execute
ejercer to train, to observe
ejercitar to train
elaborar to elaborate
elegir to decide on
elevar to raise, to lift
eliminar to remove
elucubrar to invest, to ponder
eludir to elude
emanar to emanate
emancipar to emancipate
embadurnar to smear
embalsamar to embalm
embarazar to impregnate, to get pregnant
embarrar to smear
embellecer to beautify
embestir to cost, to assault
embocar to guide, to channel
embolsar to pocket, to bag
emborrachar to get drunk
embotar to blunt, to uninteresting
embotellar to bottle
embriagar to intoxicate
embutir to stuff, to cram
emerger to emerge
emigrar to to migrate
emitir to emit, to broadcast
empacar to pack
empadronar to register, to enroll
empalmar to affix, to splice
empañar to tarnish, to stain
empantanar to bathroom down
empapar to soak, to drench
empaquetar to package deal
empeñar to pledge, to pawn
empeñarse to insist, to try
empeorar to worsen
empequeñecer to decrease, to shrink
empezar to start
empinar to lift, to elevate
emplear to make use of, to make use of
emplearse to work
empollar to hatch, to cram
emprender to undertake
empujar to push
emular to emulate
enaltecer to exalt, to reward
enamorar to make somebody fall in love
enamorarse to fall in love
enarbolar to hoist, to lift
enardecer to inflame, to ignite
encajar to suit, to fit
encallar to run aground
encaminar to direct, to information
encanar to twist, to braid
encandilar to dazzle, to blind
encantar to enchant, to captivate
encantarse to be enchanted
encaprichar to turn into infatuated
encaramar to climb up
encaramarse to climb, to ascend
encarar to confront
encarcelar to imprison
encarecer to emphasise, to lift the worth
encarrilar to placed on monitor
encasillar to pigeonhole
encender to gentle, to activate
encestar to attain, to basket
encharcar to flood, to soak
enchufar to plug in, to attach
encoger to shrink, to contract
encogerse to shrink, to contract
encomendar to entrust
encontrar to search out
encubrir to cowl up, to hide
enderezar to straighten, to make upright
endosar to endorse
endulzar to sweeten
enfadar to get indignant
enfadarse to get indignant
enflaquecer to turn into skinny
enflaquecerse to turn into skinny
enfocar to focus
enfriar to chill, to relax
enfurecer to anger, to infuriate
engañar to deceive
enganchar to hook, to hitch
engatusar to sweet-talk, to coax
engordar to realize weight
engrandecer to enlarge, to enlarge
engrasar to grease, to lubricate
engrosar to thicken
engullir to gulp, to devour
enjabonar to cleaning soap, to lather
enjuagar to rinse, to gargle
enlazar to hyperlink, to attach
enlodar to muddy, to soil
enmarcar to border
enmascarar to masks
enmendar to amend
enmohecer to rust
enmudecer to turn into silent
enojar to make indignant
enraizar to root
enrarecer to rarefy, to make uncommon
enredar to tangle
enrejar to fence, to grill
enriquecer to counterpoint
enriquecerse to get wealthy
enrojecer to redden
enroscar to screw
ensamblar to assemble
ensanchar to widen
ensayar to rehearse
ensuciar to soiled
entablar to ascertain
entender to grasp
enterrar to bury
entonar to sing, to intone
entorpecer to hinder, to decelerate
entrar to enter
entrecerrar to half-close, to squint
entregar to ship, at hand over
entrelazar to interlace
entrelazarse to intertwine
entrenar to coach
entretejer to interweave
entretener to entertain
entretenerse to entertain oneself
entrevistar to interview
entristecerse to turn into unhappy
entrometerse to intrude, to meddle
entronizar to enthrone
entumecer to numb, to stiffen
entusiasmar to excite, to thrill
enumerar to enumerate
enunciar to enunciate
envainar to sheathe, to scabbard
envalentonar to embolden
envejecer to age, to develop outdated
envejecerse to age
envenenar to poison
enviar to ship
envidiar to envy
envolver to wrap, to contain
equipar to equip
equivocar to mistake
equivocarse to be mistaken
erigir to erect
erosionar to erode
erradicar to eradicate
errar to make a mistake, to err
eructar to burp
esbozar to sketch, to stipulate
escabullir to slide away
escabullirse to slide away
escalar to climb
escanciar to pour, to decant
escandalizar to scandalize
escapar to flee
escarbar to dig, to scratch
escarmentar to study from expertise
escasear to be scarce
escatimar to stint, to withhold
escoger to decide on
escoltar to escort
esconder to cover
escozorar to burn, to sting
escribir to put in writing
escuchar to hear
escudriñar to scrutinize, to look
esculpir to sculpt
escupir to spit
escurrir to empty, to leak
esforzarse to make an effort
esfumar to fade, to fade
esmerar to be meticulous
esmerilar to grind, to shine
esparcir to scatter
esperanzarse to hope
esperar to attend, to hope
espetar to spit out, to impale
esquiar to ski
esquivar to dodge, to evade
estabilizar to stabilize
establecer to ascertain
establecerse to settle, to ascertain
estafar to swindle, to cheat
estallar to burst, to blow up
estampar to stamp
estancar to stagnate, to cease
estar to be
estilizar to stylize
estimar to estimate
estimular to stimulate
estipular to stipulate
estirar to stretch
estorbar to hinder, to hinder
estrangular to strangle
estrangularse to choke
estrechar to slim, to tighten
estrellar to crash, to smash
estremecer to shake, to shiver
estremecerse to shudder, to tremble
estrenar to debut, to premiere
estriar to groove
estriñir to constipate
estriñirse to constipate oneself
estropear to wreck, to spoil
estudiar to review
eternizar to eternalize, to immortalize
evacuar to evacuate
evadir to evade
evadirse to flee
evaporar to evaporate
evaporarse to evaporate
evolucionar to evolve
exagerar to magnify
examinar to look at
excavar to excavate, to dig
exceder to exceed
excepcionar to besides
excitar to excite, to arouse
excluir to exclude
excusar to excuse
exhalar to exhale
exigir to demand
exiliar to exile
existir to exist
exonerar to exonerate
expandir to increase
expedir to problem, to dispatch
experimentar to experiment
explicar to clarify
explotar to blow up
explotarse to take advantage of oneself
exponer to show
exportar to export
expresar to precise
expropiar to expropriate
expulsar to expel
extasiar to thrill, to thrill
extender to increase
extenderse to unfold, to increase
extraer to extract
extrañar to overlook, to be shocked
extraviar to lose, to misplace
extraviarse to get misplaced

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Spanish phrases that begin with e

Grasp of Spanish E phrases. Good work!


Wonderful! Now you understand over 640 Spanish phrases that begin with E. Many of those are generally utilized in on a regular basis dialog, so head on the market and hold an ear out for E phrases!



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