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Free Know-how for Lecturers: All About Batteries

Free Know-how for Lecturers: All About Batteries


This week TED-Ed revealed a brand new lesson that addresses a subject that almost everybody who owns a cellular phone has questioned about at one time or one other. That query is “why do telephone batteries worsen over time?”  

Why Your Telephone Battery Will get Worse Over Time explains how lithium ion batteries work, why they maintain much less vitality over time, and the way batteries are recycled. The top of the video dives into the subject of lithium provide and why not all batteries are recycled. Watch the lesson on the TED-Ed YouTube channel or as embedded beneath. 

The brand new TED-Ed lesson about batteries is an efficient companion to an earlier TED-Ed lesson on the identical matter. In How Batteries Work college students be taught in regards to the origins of batteries, how batteries work, the variations between disposable and rechargeable batteries, and why rechargeable batteries ultimately can’t be recharged any extra. College students watching the video may even see the distinction between dry cell and moist cell batteries.

Use This Setting to Protect Laptop computer Battery Life

Though it has improved in recent times, Google Chrome continues to be infamous for draining laptop computer batteries. That is significantly true when you’ve gotten many extensions put in. You’ll be able to protect a few of your battery’s life by opening the superior settings menu in Chrome and selecting to disable the choice to “proceed operating background apps when Chrome is closed.” Watch this video to discover ways to allow this setting.



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