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SAT math

What’s the SAT math check? The way to ace it

The SAT is a standardized, complete evaluation that faculties and different establishments of upper training use to see how a lot college students retained from highschool. The check lasts three hours and is often taken by eleventh and twelfth graders hoping to achieve an edge within the faculty admission course of. 

The SAT math part consists of a calculator part and a non-calculator part. 

The non-calculator part comes first and has 20 complete questions: 15 multiple-choice questions and 5 grid-in questions. 25 minutes are given for this part. The calculator part has 38 complete questions: 30 multiple-choice questions and eight grid-in questions. 55 minutes are given for this part. 

What are grid-in questions? 

Grid-in questions are a kind of query you’ll encounter on the SAT math check. These are also called student-response questions, that means that it isn’t a a number of alternative query the place it’s a must to select from a set of choices. You will want to resolve the issue and write your reply within the supplied grid-in part on the reply sheet. 

You’ll obtain clear directions on easy methods to proceed with these questions on the check. If you need to see an instance of easy methods to fill these out, check out the grid-in under


If you happen to clear up an issue and the reply you get is 3/2, check out the grid-in above to see easy methods to will enter 3/2.

What matters are examined within the math part? 

The Faculty Board, which is the official administrator of the SAT, breaks the SAT math check down into 4 teams of questions. 

  • The primary group is known as Coronary heart of Algebra. Such a query focuses on features and linear equations, in addition to methods of linear equations. You’ll encounter 19 of those questions on the check.
  • The second group is known as Drawback Fixing and Knowledge Evaluation. This part covers ratios and percentages, with the principle ability being the flexibility to use math to real-world conditions. You’ll encounter 17 of those questions on the check. 
  • The third group, Passport to Superior Math, covers extra complicated features and equations. This part goals to arrange college students for extra superior topics, like calculus and statistics. You’ll encounter 16 of those questions on the check. The final group of questions is Further Subjects in Math, which covers trigonometry, geometry, complicated numbers, and radian measure. The check will cowl six questions from the extra matters part, three within the non-calculator part and three within the calculator part.

How will you put together successfully for the SAT math part? 

Your largest assist when getting ready for the SAT math check is follow questions and exams. There may be an abundance of books, web sites, and different useful sources which have follow assessments out there for college students. 

How to prepare for the SAT test

Attempt to take quite a lot of assessments, each computer-based and paper-based. The benefit of some computer-based assessments is that you could have the likelihood to obtain suggestions in your solutions straight away. Nevertheless, one benefit of paper-based follow assessments is which you could higher mimic actual testing situations. 

When starting to check, decide which topic areas you’re weakest in. For instance, when you have bother with algebra, plan to assessment algebra-related matters. 

The benefit of taking SAT math follow assessments is that they usually replicate actual query codecs. The SAT math could be very predictable and foreknowledge of what’s going to be on the check may help you research extra successfully. For instance, the check is organized from simpler to tougher. Which means that the questions will get progressively more durable. 

Ideas for doing effectively on the SAT math check

SAT tips

Use the Elimination Technique 

You’ve got most likely heard that the SAT math check now not has one thing known as a guessing penalty. Earlier than March 2016, for those who guessed incorrectly, you’ll obtain a small penalty. Since that does not exist anymore, use the elimination technique to your benefit. 

If you happen to’ve tried to resolve the issue however nonetheless do not know what the reply is, you possibly can improve your possibilities of getting the right reply by eliminating the solutions you understand are clearly flawed, and taking your greatest guess. You will not be penalized for a flawed reply!

Be Cautious with the Reply Grid (A number of Alternative Part) 

It’d sound easy and apparent, however watch out: The reply grid is unforgiving. 

1. Whereas working by way of the a number of alternative part, you may discover the reply and have solved an issue accurately, however you will not get credit score for those who fill out the flawed bubble on the grid. Just remember to’re filling out the right bubble for the right query.

2. Additionally, hold observe of any questions you’ve got skipped. It’s totally simple to get blended up and fill within the bubble for a query you’ve got skipped. For example for instance that you’ve skipped query 3 in your check booklet. Be careful! Do not fill within the reply for query 4 within the area for query 3. 

Some skilled check takers suggest circling the questions in your reply booklet that you’ve got skipped after which going again and evaluating your booklet to your grid afterward. This lets you consciously skip the query in each locations, your check booklet and your reply sheet. 

3. One other tip when taking the SAT math is to attend to mark your solutions on the grid. As an alternative of transferring your solutions after each query, wait till you’ve got solved 5 questions and mark all of them without delay. This may assist together with your focus and can lower the prospect of creating a mistake. 

Backside line: All the time double and triple-check your reply grid together with your solutions within the booklet. 

Skip Forward and Transfer Round 

One widespread mistake that check takers make is spending an excessive amount of time on the questions that they discover tough. They work on the query for a very long time, wasting your minutes that may very well be used to resolve two or three different simpler questions. 

The answer? If you happen to come throughout a query that appears tough, otherwise you discover a query the place the answer is not apparent, circle the query and transfer on to a different query which you could clear up rapidly. Depart the hardest questions for final. 

By the point you come again to the tougher questions, chances are you’ll notice that the reply was less complicated than you initially thought.  

Use Your Calculator Properly 

One part of the SAT math check lets you use a calculator as an aide. Nevertheless, do not permit the calculator to gradual you down. 

Some test-takers make the error of pulling out their calculators for each single query throughout this part. Realistically, there will probably be some questions that you simply will not want to make use of your calculator for. As an alternative of utilizing it as a crutch, concentrate on utilizing your prior information concerning the query to get so far as you possibly can within the resolution with out the calculator. This may prevent time as effectively. 

You too can use the calculator to double-check your solutions. After getting completed the check, you should utilize the additional time to undergo the check once more and double-check your solutions utilizing the calculator. 

Handle Your Stress

One of the simplest ways to handle your stress earlier than taking the SAT math check is to take management of your state of affairs. As soon as the sensation of helplessness is gone, you will be higher capable of see what you have to concentrate on throughout your finding out. 

The necessary factor is to have concrete issues to do. Make a listing of your strengths and weaknesses, after which create a schedule to work on every of the matters. 

One other technique is to make use of rest workouts when you end up too careworn to pay attention. Beneath are some really useful workouts. 

1. Attempt to visualize a relaxed ocean shore with the waves coming in easily. There’s heat sand underneath your toes, the sunshine from the solar warming your pores and skin, and the faint sound of seagulls. Now think about you are carrying a small pail or bucket. You place all of your worries and anxieties in that bucket, then drop it on the fringe of the water and watch it float away till it is out of sight. That is known as ocean dumping. 

2.  Take a brief stroll exterior while you really feel overwhelmed, and attempt to begin exercising. Exercising and bodily motion assist launch endorphins, which may help you keep alert and is a pure approach to regulate stress.  

3. Play music when you’re finding out. Some folks discover it helpful to hearken to one thing with a daily, regular beat, like reggae or hip-hop. A majority of these music have a mathematical rhythm and may help your studying course of. If you happen to do not wish to hearken to music, attempt a recording of ocean sounds, rain sounds, or white noise. 

4. If you happen to discover it tough to deal with stress by yourself, take into account seeing a counselor. They can provide you extra recommendations on controlling your stress and finding out successfully. 

In fact, because the date for the check will get nearer and nearer, you could be scuffling with anxious ideas. The very best factor to do is to slowly lower how usually you research because the date approaches. This might sound counterproductive, however analysis reveals that spending the previous few days earlier than the check cramming and finding out will be detrimental. As an alternative, do one thing that makes you content, like seeing a film or hanging out with mates. Maintain the check out of your thoughts!

5. Lastly, work fastidiously and patiently in the course of the check, keep in mind to take deep, clear breaths, and use your test-taking methods. 

Beneath are examples of SAT math issues that you should utilize to follow. Most of them are similar to those that the Faculty Board has put out for follow, together with reply explanations with a number of extra suggestions for fixing. 

Instance issues that you must be capable of clear up – No calculator part

A number of alternative questions

1) A line, r, goes by way of two factors: (6, -9) and (5, 2). If line r is translated down 4 items and proper seven items, what’s the slope of the brand new line? 

A. 11

B. -11

C. -15/7

D. 15/7

The way to clear up

Use the slope components m = (y2 – y1)/(x2 – x1) and substitute within the given factors. 

m = 2 – (-9) / 5 – 6 

m = 11/-1

m = -11


B. -11/1 or -11

Clarification: A typical technique to resolve this query is to subtract 4 from the y-values of the factors and add seven to the x-values of the factors after which attempt to discover the slope of the brand new line. Nevertheless, the important thing to fixing this downside is recognizing {that a} line translated means the road is just shifted to a distinct spot on the coordinate aircraft. Due to this fact, we will simply use the factors we’re given, discover the change in y over the change in x, and get the right reply. Recognizing this may even assist save time and reduce the margin for error. 

2) The quantity of water, given in gallons, in a leaking plastic swimming pool will be estimated by the equation y = -5.8529x + 10,000, the place x represents time in minutes since 2:00 pm. What’s the greatest interpretation of the quantity -5.8529, when contemplating the context of this downside? 

A. The time in minutes since 2:00 pm

B. The quantity of water in gallons within the swimming pool since 2:00 pm

C. The estimated charge of water loss per minute

D. The quantity of water in gallons earlier than the leak


C. The estimated charge of water loss per minute. 

Clarification: If you happen to encounter an issue much like this one, your largest problem would be the reply selections. It is necessary to learn them fastidiously and decide which data given in the issue is related to what’s being requested. A tip is to be acquainted with the that means of the parts of the completely different formulation you possibly can encounter on the check. For instance, if you understand that the m within the components y = mx + b is at all times the slope and that the slope is the speed of improve or lower, you possibly can simply and rapidly clear up such a downside. 

3) If w = 5y – 2y3 + 9 and x = 8y2 – 4y + 2, what’s 6x – 2w by way of y? 

A. 4y3 + 48y2 – 34y – 6 

B. 4y3 + 52y2 – 34y – 6 

C. -12y3 – 16y2 + 38y + 50

D. 12y3 – 16y2 – 38y + 50

The way to clear up

Change x with 8y2 – 4y + 2 and w with -2y3 + 5y + 9 in 6x – 2w

6(8y2 – 4y + 2) – 2(-2y3 + 5y + 9) 

Use the distributive property and mix like phrases. 

48y2 – 24y + 12 + 4y3 – 10y – 18

4y3 + 48y2 – 34y – 6


A. 4y3 + 48y2 – 34y – 6

Clarification: The talents examined on this query are substituting and simplifying polynomials. Learning the fundamentals of mathematical properties, just like the distributive property and mixing like phrases, will assist clear up issues of this type. It is necessary to be systematic and cautious when fixing issues like this one. If you happen to do not hold observe of the way you mix the completely different phrases, it is very simple to begin mixing them up. 

4) If a3/2 = x, what’s a by way of x? 

A. (sq. root of x cubed) 

B. x2 

C. (the third root of x squared)

D. x3 

The way to clear up

Apply exponent guidelines. 

a3/2 = x

√(a3) = x

[√(a3)]2 = x2

a3 = x2

a = third root of x2 


C. (the third root of x squared)

Clarification: This query requires information of exponent guidelines and easy methods to use them. There are numerous methods to method this downside, however so long as you understand the fundamentals, you need to be effectively ready. 

5) What’s the following complicated quantity system equal to? (Notice: i2 = -1) 

(12i – 4)(10 + 8i)

A. 88i – 136 

B. -42

C. 88

D. 88i – 56

The way to clear up

Use the distributive property and mix like phrases. 

(12i – 4)(10 + 8i) 

120i + 96i2 – 40 – 32i

96i2 + 88i – 40

96(-1) + 88i – 40

88i – 136


A. 88i – 136

Clarification: To resolve this downside, the distributive property must be used. You additionally want to have the ability to use i2 accurately and perceive what a fancy quantity, i, represents, specifically the sq. root of -1. 

6) Benedicte is making bracelets and earrings for her small enterprise. Bracelets value $1.50 to make, and a pair of earrings value $1.25 to make. Every bracelet wants one string and every pair of earrings wants two strings. She has a most price range of $150.00. She has a package deal of jewellery strings with 600 strings. Ideally, she desires the ratio of bracelets to pairs of earrings to exceed 2 to 1. 

Write a set of inequalities to signify these situations, if b is the variety of bracelets and e is the variety of pairs of earrings. 

A. 1.25b + 1.5e ≤ 150.0

1b + 2e ≤ 600

b > 2e

B. 1.5b + 1.25e ≤ 150.0

1b + 2e ≥ 600

2b > e

C. 1.5b + 1.25e ≤ 150.0

1b + 2e ≤ 600

b > 2e

D. 1.5b + 1.25e ≤ 150.0

1b + 2e ≤ 600

2b > e


C. 1.5b + 1.25e ≤ 150.0

1b + 2e ≤ 600

b > 2e

Clarification: The primary inequality ought to inform us one thing concerning the most sum of money she’s spending, so the price of the bracelets plus the price of the earrings must be lower than or equal to her complete price range. The second inequality tells us about how a lot string she will be able to use, so the quantity of string she makes use of for the bracelets plus the quantity of string she makes use of for every pair of earrings must be lower than or equal to 600. 

The final inequality we will clear up by organising the ratio as a fraction as proven under 

b / e > 2 / 1 

b > 2e

7) What are the options to 3x2 – 7x + 2 = 0? 

A. x = 12 and x = 4

B. x = 1/4 and x = 2 

C. x = 1/3 and x = 4 

D. x = 1/3 and x = 2 

The way to clear up

Use the quadratic equation. 

x = [-b ± √(b2 – 4ac)] / 2a 

x = [-(-7) ± √((-7)^2 – 4×3×2)] / 2(3)

x = [-(-7) ± √((-7)^2 – 24)] / 6

x = [7 ±  √(49 – 24)] / 6 

x = [7 ±  √(25)] / 6 

x = (7 ± 5) / 6

x = (7+ 5)/6 = 12/6 = 2 


x = (7- 5)/6 = 2/6 = 1/3 


x = 1/3 and x = 2

Clarification: Memorize the quadratic components! It’d turn into essential to apply it to the non-calculator part, and it is NOT going to be supplied on the components sheet. It is also necessary to learn to use it. Turn into acquainted with what the letters a, b, and c imply, and easy methods to acknowledge them in a quadratic equation. 

Grid-in questions 

8) A operate f(x) is outlined for all actual numbers by the next equation

f(x) = (3x^2 + 4) / 2. What’s f(f(2))?  

The way to clear up

Discover f(2). 

f(2) = (3(2)2 + 4) / 2 

f(2) = (3(4) + 4) / 2 

f(2) = 16 / 2

f(2) = 8

Discover f(f(2)), or f(8). 

f(8) = (3(8)^2 + 4) / 2 

f(8) = (3(64) + 4) / 2

f(8) = 196 / 2 

f(8) = 98

Reply: 98

Clarification: Some questions with features require solely a information of easy methods to substitute a worth into an equation. The one catch with this query is that it’s a must to use the worth you bought from step one within the second step to reply what the issue is asking. 

9) Nate is baking a large souffle for a contest. The souffle has risen to 1 1/2 inches over the brim of the dish after 18 minutes within the oven. Assuming that the souffle is rising at a relentless charge, after what number of minutes will the souffle rise to 4 1/2 inches over the brim of the dish? 

The way to clear up

The non-calculator part might require a sure degree of reasoning abilities. 

1 1/2 inches = 18 minutes 

Due to this fact…

3 inches = 36 minutes 

Due to this fact…

1 1/2 inches + 3 inches = 18 minutes + 36 minutes

4 inches = 54 minutes

You can additionally arrange a proportion to resolve the issue. 

1 / 12 = 4.5 / x 

x = 54 

Reply: 54 minutes

Clarification: As proven above, this query largely simply requires good reasoning abilities. It’s attainable to arrange a proportion to resolve it proper at first, however coping with fractions and decimals in a proportion and not using a calculator may result in points for those who aren’t cautious. 

10) If (x)-1 = 4, what’s (x)-2

The way to clear up

Rule: (x)-1 = 1/x

(x)-1 = 4

x = 1/4 






Reply: 16 

Clarification: Utilizing the exponent rule, this query is kind of easy to resolve. Whereas it could appear tough to comply with, the steps are actually a formality. A superb information of the exponent rule makes this one of many simpler questions right here. 

Instance issues that you must be capable of clear up – Calculator part 

A number of alternative questions

1) On the native aquarium, the imply age of the male penguins is 8 years outdated, and the imply age of the feminine penguins is 5 years outdated. What’s true concerning the imply age m of the mixed group of penguins on the aquarium? 

A. m = 13

B. m <  6.3

C. 5 < m < 8

D. m < 5 


C. 5 < m < 8

Clarification: This query is fascinating as a result of it does not require any calculations to get the right reply, solely the flexibility to purpose utilizing the idea of imply. The largest mistake you can also make on this query is discovering the imply of the 2 means.

Imply age of the male penguins is 8

Imply age of the feminine penguins is 5

For the sake of argument, suppose the imply age of feminine penguins can also be 8. Then the mixed imply can also be 8. Nevertheless, in actuality the imply age of the feminine penguins is smaller than 8. Due to this fact, the mixed imply can’t be larger than 8. It must be smaller than 8 

By the identical token, suppose the imply age of male penguins can also be 5. Then the mixed imply can also be 5. Nevertheless, in actuality the imply age of the male penguins is greater than 5. Due to this fact, the mixed imply can’t be smaller than 5. It must be larger than 5. 

2) A operate f is outlined by f(x) = 4x3 – 2x2 + cx – 5. The operate goes by way of the factors (0,-5), (p, 0), and (2,25). What’s the worth of c? 

A. 3

B. -5 

C. 1

D. 2

The way to clear up

Set one of many given factors in and clear up for c. Use (2, 25)

f(x) = 4x3 – 2x2 + cx – 5 

25 = 4(2)3 – 2(2)2 + c(2) – 5 

25 = 32 – 8 + 2c – 5 

25 = 19 + 2c 

6 = 2c 

3 = c 


A. 3

Clarification: A superb understanding of easy methods to consider polynomial features is necessary to resolve this downside. One of the simplest ways to resolve this downside is to make use of the factors given. Nevertheless, among the factors are there to trick you. If you happen to use the purpose (0,-5), you will truly cancel out c, the worth you are attempting to seek out. Discover additionally that for those who use p, you’re going to get c by way of p. Nevertheless, your reply should be a quantity, not a variable. 

3) Jamie is visiting Norway and buys a memento cup for his mother. He will get a 15% low cost and pays ok kroner, together with a 25% gross sales tax on the discounted gross sales worth. Write an expression that expresses the unique worth, p, of the cup by way of ok. 

A. p = ok * 0.85 * 1.25

B. p = ok / (0.85 * 1.25) 

C. p = ok / (0.85 * 0.25) 

D. p = ok * 0.85 * 0.25


B. p = ok / (0.85 * 1.25) 

Clarification: The largest mistake you can also make on this downside is misunderstanding what the query is asking for. It could be simple to suppose that it’s a must to search for how a lot Jamie paid for the cup, however the query is in search of the unique worth, that means it’s a must to set your resolution up in a different way. 

All the time reread and ensure you really perceive what you’re in search of. 

4) In a fictional city in Norway, roughly 2 in 7 folks have inexperienced eyes. If the inhabitants of the city is about 856,000, roughly how many individuals have inexperienced eyes?  

A. 428,000

B. 214,000

C. 122,000

D. 245,000

The way to clear up

Arrange a proportion and clear up. 

2 / 7 = x / 856,000

7x = 1,712,000

x ≈ 245,000


D. About 245,000 folks

Clarification: There are a number of methods to resolve this downside, however realizing easy methods to arrange a proportion may help you to resolve it sooner. A proportion lets you write a comparability between an element and a complete. On this instance, we now have 2 because the half. So for each 7 folks, 2 folks have inexperienced eyes. We write a proportion to use this worth to a bigger inhabitants. x folks have inexperienced eyes in a complete inhabitants of 856,000 folks. 

As soon as we set it up, we cross multiply and clear up for x, which supplies us a worth of about 245,000 folks within the city who’ve inexperienced eyes. 

5) A college canteen sells membership sandwiches for $5.99 and iced teas for $2.99. On the finish of the day, the canteen has made $487.85 from promoting a complete of 115 objects. What number of sandwiches did they promote? 

A. 48

B. 56

C. 67

D. 88

The way to clear up

1. Arrange your system of equations and clear up it. 

x = sandwiches 

y = iced teas

5.99x + 2.99y = 487.85

x + y = 115

y = 115 – x

5.99x + 2.99(115 – x) = 487.85 

5.99x + 343.85 – 2.99x = 487.85

3x = 144

x = 48 


A. 48 sandwiches

Clarification: Understanding easy methods to clear up methods of equations is a vital ability. If you happen to can set one up accurately, utilizing variables to signify the unknown values, you are well-equipped to resolve an issue like this simply and rapidly. 

When simple issues like this one come up, clear up them first. This offers you a bit of enhance of confidence to deal with those that are not really easy. 

6) Rebecca’s automotive will get 29 miles per gallon. If gasoline prices $3.56 per gallon, how a lot wouldn’t it value for her to drive from Tallahassee, Florida, to Key West, Florida, if the space between the 2 cities is about 641 miles?  

A. $81.50

B. $77.35

C. $67.52 

D. $78.68 

The way to clear up

641 miles / 29 miles per gallon = 22.1 gallons of gasoline 

22.1 gallons * $ 3.56 per gallon = $ 78.68 for gasoline


D. $78.68

Clarification: This downside requires no different abilities than easy multiplication, division, and software of mathematical ideas to on a regular basis life. Once more, attempt to get these less complicated questions appropriate rapidly, as a result of it offers you a lift of confidence to resolve those which might be a bit more durable. 

7) The sum of two constructive integers is 20, and the distinction between these numbers multiplied by 2 is 12. What’s the product of those two numbers? 

A. 7

B. 13

C. 91

D. 20

The way to clear up

Arrange and clear up a system of equations with two unknowns. 

x + y = 20 

2(x – y) = 12 

x = 20 – y 

2[(20 – y) – y] = 12 

2(20 – 2y) = 12 

40 – 4y = 12 

-4y = -28 

y = 7 

x + y = 20 

x + 7 = 20 

x = 13 

13 * 7 = 91 


C. 91 

Clarification: Once more, it is necessary to ensure you discover precisely what the query is asking for. You need to remember to discover the product of the 2 numbers on the finish. It is also necessary to arrange the issue accurately, precisely the way in which it is said within the phrase downside. 

Grid-in questions

8) If 12 – 7x is 9 greater than 4, discover the worth of 6x. 

The way to clear up

12 – 7x = 4 + 9 

12 – 7x = 13 

-7x = 1 

x = -1/7

6x = 6(-1/7) = -6/7

Reply: -6/7

Clarification: The phrases used on this downside can simply be intimidating at first look. You could be confused by means of “is” and “greater than,” as a result of they are not sometimes used to say “equal to” and “add.” 

You additionally must keep in mind that the issue is asking you to seek out 6x, not simply x.

9) Roy, Colin, and Sam have been capturing penalty kicks at soccer follow at present. Colin scored two-thirds as many occasions as Sam, and Roy scored half as many occasions as Colin. They scored a complete of 96 targets. What number of targets did Sam rating? 

The way to clear up

Use one letter to signify the targets Sam scored, for instance, g. 

*2/3g represents the variety of targets Colin scored. We then put Roy’s targets by way of Sam’s targets so we will mix like phrases: 1/2(2/3g) = 2/6g = 1/3g.*

g + 2/3g + 1/3g = 96 

3/3g + 2/3g + 1/3g = 96

6/3g = 96

2g = 96 

g = 48

Plug g again into your authentic equation to double-check. 

g + 2/3g + 1/3g = 96 

(48) + 2/3(48) + 1/3(48) = 96

48 + 32 + 16 = 96 

96 = 96 

Reply: 48 targets

Clarification: It is easy to get confused by the fractional phrases on this downside. Utilizing just one unknown will drastically simplify your work and allow you to undergo the check extra effectively. In actuality, the maths on this downside is not tough in any respect. So long as you arrange your equation accurately, you possibly can succeed at such a downside. 

10) When a = 12 and b = 9, by a lot does the worth of 3a2 + 2b exceed the worth of 2b2 + 3a ?

The way to clear up

Clear up every expression individually. 

2b2 + 3a

2(9)2 + 3(12)

2(81) + 36

162 + 36


3a2 + 2b

3(12)2 + 2(9)

3(144) + 2(9)

432 + 18


450 – 198 = 252

Reply: 252

Clarification: This query requires a information of algebra and evaluating an expression with two unknowns. The largest mistake you can also make on this downside is a calculating error with the varied values it’s a must to hold observe of. 



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