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Larger Helium Nanodroplets with out the Swirls

Larger Helium Nanodroplets with out the Swirls


• Physics 16, s112

Researchers have created vortex-free helium nanodroplets that include extra helium atoms than earlier droplets of this sort, permitting the system for use in a wider vary of research.

A. Ulmer/Technical College of Berlin

The frictionless environments of helium nanodroplets makes them good for learning the self-organization of atoms and molecules. Nonetheless, if there are vortices inside these nanodroplets, this could hinder the meeting of a few of these nanostructures. Now Anatoli Ulmer from the Technical College of Berlin and colleagues have developed a way for producing vortex-free helium nanodroplets with 1000 extra helium atoms than beforehand doable [1]. The advance might allow researchers to review the self-assembly of a bigger vary of molecules.

A technique that researchers kind helium nanodroplets is through a condensation course of that includes passing helium fuel via a 5-µm-diameter pinhole. This course of creates principally vortex-free droplets containing as much as about 105 helium atoms. These droplets nevertheless are too small to make use of in research of self-assembled nanostructures, as they can’t be resolved in photos. Ulmer and his colleagues as an alternative explored conical nozzles, that are identified to advertise the formation of bigger nanodroplets. In line with the workforce’s calculations, producing droplets this manner must also impart restricted angular momentum to the droplets, decreasing the chance that vortices kind.

The workforce handed helium fuel via a conical nozzle that elevated in diameter from 150 µm to 1 mm throughout its 9.3-mm size. The group discovered that the ensuing droplets have been near spherical and contained 107 to 1011 helium atoms, making them massive sufficient to resolve. The smaller of those nanodroplets, these with about 107 atoms, have been principally vortex free, whereas the bigger ones contained vortices. The researchers say that they aspire to develop the aptitude for on-demand manufacturing of helium droplets with exact sizes. That might enable managed experiments on the self-assembly of atoms and molecules, permitting researchers to review how the geometries of the self-assembled buildings change with growing particle quantity.

–Martin Rodriguez-Vega

Martin Rodriguez-Vega is an Affiliate Editor for Bodily Evaluation Letters.


  1. A. Ulmer et al., “Era of huge vortex-free superfluid helium nanodroplets,” Phys. Rev. Lett. 131, 076002 (2023).

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