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Measuring Size | Relationship between Meter & CM

Measuring Size | Relationship between Meter & CM


We’ll talk about about measuring size. Suppose kids are
working a race of 100 meter (m). Sam is measuring the peak of the wall in
meters. The size is measured in meters. 
A meter is just too lengthy to be drawn right here. Small lengths are measured in
centimeters. Ron is measuring the width of his e-book in centimeters.

100 centimeters equal 1 meter


1 meter equal 100 centimeters

We write centimeter briefly kind as ‘cm’ and meter as ‘m’. So we will write briefly as;

100 (cm) equal 1 (m)


1 (m) equal 100 (cm)

The next are three sorts of meter scales typically used
by everybody.

(i) A meter rod which is product of iron or wooden is utilized by
fabric retailers for measuring fabric.

(ii) A meter scale is utilized by masons or carpenters.

(iii) A meter scale is utilized by tailors.

Metre is the usual unit for measuring size.

We write m for metre. We use metres to measure longer lengths.

Measuring Length

We measure smaller lengths, like that of a pencil, in centimetres. It is a centimetre scale. Centimetre is written as cm.

Measurement of a Pencil

This pencil is 8 cm lengthy.

Photo Frame Length
Photo Frame Width

This body is lengthy _____ cm.

This body is _____ cm broad.

Measure the size of the image of this Christmas tree.

Measurement of the Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is _____ cm lengthy.

Resolve whether or not you’ll measure the size of following objects in metre or centimetre. Put tick (✔) mark towards the right field.

Further Questions for Sharp College students on Measuring Size!

1. Write Meter or
Centimeter within the clean House:

(i) My pencil is 10 ____________ lengthy.

(ii) My peak is 90 ____________.

(iii) Our classroom is 5 ____________ lengthy.

(iv) This tree is 3 ____________ excessive.

(v) My hair pin is 3 ____________ lengthy.

2. Measure the
following size is centimeters:


College students want to make use of the ruler or scales to measure the

1. Measure the size of every pencil utilizing the centimetre scale and reply the questions that observe.

Measurement of Pencils

(a) Which is the shortest pencil?

(b) Which is the longest pencil?

(c) _____ pencil is longer than crimson pencil however shorter than blue pencil. 

(d) Yellow pencil is _____ cm shorter than blue pencil.



Measurement of the Pencils

(a) Yellow pencil (7 cm) is the shortest pencil.

(b) Blue pencil (15 cm) is the longest pencil?

(c) Orange pencil

(d) 8 cm 

2. Measure the next:

AB is ____ centimeters lengthy.

EF is ____ centimeters lengthy.

MN is ____ centimeters lengthy.

XY is ____ centimeters lengthy.

3. A practice is 150
meters lengthy and the platform on the station is 285 meters lengthy. How far does
the practice journey in crossing the platform?


3. 435 meters

4. A fabric is
bought at $7 a meter. Discover the value of 65 meters of the identical fabric?


4. 455 meters

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