Home Chemistry Researchers design environment friendly iridium catalyst for hydrogen era

Researchers design environment friendly iridium catalyst for hydrogen era

Researchers design environment friendly iridium catalyst for hydrogen era


Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology researchers design efficient iridium catalyst for hydrogen generation
Researchers from Korea and USA develop a novel iridium catalyst with enhanced oxygen evolution response exercise, facilitating a cheap proton change membrane water electrolysis for hydrogen manufacturing. Credit score: Chanho Pak from Gwangju Institute of Science and Know-how

The vitality calls for of the world are ever growing. In our quest for clear and eco-friendly vitality options, transportable hydrogen vitality presents appreciable promise. On this regard, proton change membrane water electrolyzers (PEMWEs) that convert extra electrical vitality into transportable hydrogen vitality by way of water electrolysis have garnered outstanding curiosity.

Nevertheless, their widescale deployment for hydrogen manufacturing stays restricted resulting from sluggish charges of oxygen evolution response (OER)—an essential element of electrolysis—and excessive loading ranges of pricy steel oxide catalysts, equivalent to iridium (Ir) and ruthenium oxides, in electrodes. Subsequently, creating cost-effective and high-performance OER catalysts is important for the widespread utility of PEMWEs.

Just lately, a group of researchers from Korea and U.S., led by Professor Chanho Pak from Gwangju Institute of Science and Know-how in Korea, has developed a novel mesoporous tantalum oxide (Ta2O5)-supported iridium nanostructure catalyst by way of a modified formic acid discount methodology that achieves environment friendly PEM water electrolysis.

Their research was printed within the Journal of Energy Sources. The research was co-authored by Dr. Chaekyung Baik, a post-doctoral researcher at Korea Institute of Science and Know-how (KIST).

“The electron-rich Ir nanostructure was uniformly dispersed on the secure mesoporous Ta2O5 assist ready by way of a soft-template methodology mixed with an ethylenediamine encircling course of, which successfully decreased the quantity of Ir in a single PEMWE cell to 0.3 mg cm–2,” explains Prof. Pak. Importantly, the revolutionary Ir/Ta2O5 catalyst design not solely improved the utilization of Ir but additionally facilitated larger electrical conductivity and a big electrochemically energetic floor space.

Moreover, X-ray photoelectron and X-ray absorption spectroscopies revealed robust steel–assist interplay between Ir and Ta, whereas density useful idea calculations indicated a cost switch from Ta to Ir, which induced the robust binding of adsorbates, equivalent to O and OH, and maintained Ir (III) ratio within the oxidative OER course of. This, in flip, led to the improved exercise of Ir/Ta2O5, with a decrease overpotential of 0.385 V in comparison with a 0.48 V for IrO2.

The group additionally demonstrated excessive OER exercise of the catalyst experimentally, observing an overpotential of 288 ± 3.9 mV at 10 mA cm−2 and a mass exercise of 876.1 ± 125.1 A g−1 of Ir at 1.55 V, considerably larger than the corresponding values for Ir Black. In impact, Ir/Ta2O5 exhibited wonderful OER exercise and stability, as additional confirmed by way of membrane electrode meeting single cell operation of over 120 hours.

The proposed expertise presents the twin good thing about decreased Ir loading ranges and an enhanced OER effectivity. “The improved OER effectivity enhances the cost-effectiveness of the PEMWE course of, enhancing its general efficiency. This development has the potential to revolutionize the commercialization of PEMWEs, accelerating its adoption as a major methodology for ,” speculates an optimistic Prof. Pak.

Extra info:
Chaekyung Baik et al, Electron-rich Ir nanostructure supported on mesoporous Ta2O5 for enhanced exercise and stability of oxygen evolution response, Journal of Energy Sources (2023). DOI: 10.1016/j.jpowsour.2023.233174

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